Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Married to Sheldon

It takes a lot to make me smile when flying United economy. On my most recent flight, heading back to the US from Sydney, an episode of the Big Bang Theory momentarily distracted me from the particular hell of flying with the world's least friendly airline.

The episode involved Sheldon's ingenious plan to remain in his bed while at the same time going out in the world. He would do it virtually, robotically. And what made me laugh so hard was that my husband did it first.

When we were in the process of planning our move back to Australia, the husband came up with an idea that would allow him to work from home in Sydney yet remain very much in touch with his American colleagues. It involved the development of Robo Ross, a laptop with camera sitting atop a platform on wheels that he could control remotely, allowing him to pop into his colleagues offices while sitting in the Sydney studio (aka the back shed). A step beyond the usual approach to teleconferencing. 

Last night, when the husband failed to materialise at the agreed upon time for dinner, I was again reminded of his Sheldon like qualities. Following my interrogation, the husband guiltily confessed that while getting ready to meet us he had become so absorbed in an algorithm while showering that he completely forgot about plans that had been made an hour earlier.   

He wasn't lying. It wasn't a euphemism. It was the truth. 

And more evidence, in case there were any doubts, that I really am married to Sheldon. 


Yvette Vignando said...

Really hope your Sheldon makes you laugh as much as this one - or am I right in suspecting it is funnier in other people's husbands?!

mamabook said...

Yes, my Sheldon does make me laugh when he is not making me scream in frustration. Although really that would be most husbands. I, on the other hand, am perfect ;-)

Twitchy said...

Oh- oh my. That is beyond brilliant. Married to Sheldon *and* the legendary absent-minded professor. Life would indeed be interesting!

vegemitevix said...

Hilarious and recognisable. Tell me, does your husband have an English brother by any chance? Vix x

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