Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kitchen Disco

Last night I felt like a juggler. In a good mood, I promised the bigs a board game and the smalls disco dancing and playdough making. Big children had to wait out the dancing, and then small children had to wait out the board game until we got to the playdough making. By the end of it all I only had energy for sleep.

Today did not get off to the most promising start. And it could easily have continued it's southward trajectory. But maybe, after all these years of marriage we have learned the art of dodging a potential head on. Not always, but often enough that a case of the morning grumpies does not necessarily translate into an all day affair.

Our Saturday ritual, brunch or sometimes just plain old lunch at our favourite cafe, was a raucous affair. The smalls did not necessarily understand the jokes, but they laughed along anyway, happy because their parents and older siblings were happy.

The afternoon will be filled with writing for me and the building of a trebochet for The Engineer. More than likely the kids will act as sidekicks in this typically bizarre project. And I will ignore potential dangers, content that for at least some of this Saturday the kids won't be hypnotised by a screen.

In the meantime, some kitchen disco dancing from Mr7 accompanied by Mr4. Happy Saturday/Sunday depending on where you are in the world.


Mark Fendrick said...

Loved the interpretive dance.

Benison said...

A contender for So You Think You Can Dance 2020? Go Mr 7! Actually pulled out the board games on our holiday down the coast. Lots of chess, too. Best thing of all, Mr15 read 2 whole books!

Easy Peasy Kids said...

I think your Mr 7 and my Mr 6 would just rock dancing together -fabulous x

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