Wednesday, October 26, 2011

At War With 4

Are you the parent of a 4-year-old or should I say "dictator in training"? Do you find yourself in a state of despair more often than you care to admit? Are you considering putting a child psychiatrist on speed dial?
If so, then we are here to help. Or at least commiserate. Think of this blog hop as a virtual support group. We know you love your 4-year-old but living with a mini dictator is no easy task.
Share away and please visit your fellow parents in despair. We need all the support we can get.


p.s. I am not big on rules. I'll leave that to the 4-year-olds! But if you are not already following my blog then please consider. Think of it as a little birthday present. 4 kids, 1 dog and a blog is turning 1 this weekend.


Nat Peck said...

I am having a war with a Four year old girl and SHE is winning!

She is delightful, inquisitive and affectionate; telling me things like: "you are the best mummy in the world", and I love your face mummy". Then she says "I hate you" and launches a full scale attack. Crafty little warrior!
I wasn't expecting this shit so soon.

Four year olds seem to have BIG personalities disguised in LITTLe people's clothes.


MaidInAustralia said...

How is it I wasn't following your blog? I was certain I was. Well consider it a bloggie birthday present. And I can't believe that beautiful four-year-old could be a dictator...look at that cute little face. Hee hee hee ...)

Photographer Mum said...

OMG I can totally relate! My 4 (almost 5) year old is driving me insane. Major tantrums over the most ridiculous things. I feel the need for several stiff drinks after dealing with her at the moment. Even at 7am. And this coming from someone who doesn't drink...
I have heard of your blog and seen it pop up in peoples blog rolls lately - Happy Bloggy birthday :)

Photographer Mum

therhythmmethod said...

I have a 3 and 5, but no 4! Great idea though and happy bloggy birthday. You're still one of my absolute favourites, and the first blog I clicked with immediately. Happy hopping xx

propinqua said...

I do not have a 4yo. I have a 5yo, whose dictatorship has settled down into frequent grumblings of domestic discontent.

And I have a 3yo, whose discontent is escalating on track for the declaration of war in a month.

The first sign of the impending coup was when he shouted at his sister, in a voice perfectly pitched to squash rebellion "NOOOO!! I WAS TALKING FIRST!!" (Sorry, but anything short of caps lock would not do justice) And it was true, he had been speaking first. So I thought it was fine, he was learning to stand up for himself and not let his sister talk over him (no small accomplishment it must be said).

But either he has failed to understand the subtleties, or he chooses not to. Now he just rushes into any conversation in progress with "NOOO!!! I AM TALKING!!".

At the risk of poor taste - Gaddafi much?

Twitchy said...

I can't seem to get the linky thingy to work so can I please just put it here?
So glad you called out in your moment of desperation, look at the vein of pain you've tapped into!!

mamabook said...

Dearest Twitchy,
I am not sure if this is kosher but I went in and entered your blog post myself in the linky. I wish these things were about 100 times simpler! But anyway, you are now number 3 up there on that list.
Michelle xx

c is for cape town said...

Oooo, I'm so in on this one! Just the surviving-4 therapy I'm in need of.
I'll be back to link post once I get it up.
Thank you!

mamabook said...

So happy you will be posting MsCapeTown! It is great therapy putting it out there.

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